The New-Look Phil Mickelson Shows Off ‘Thumb Activation’ Exercise In Workout Video

phil mickelson thumbs up

Getty Image / Rich Graessle

Phil Mickelson has been getting after it in the gym as of late. He’s lost weight and put on some muscle over the past six months or so and really has transformed his body.

It all sort of jumpstarted back in July when he posted a video to Instagram about fasting for six days and consuming nothing but water and a special blend coffee. He explained that he lost 15 pounds during the fast and hasn’t really looked back in terms of hitting the gym and losing a little bit of weight.

He’s continued to be a straight-up boss on social media posting both funny videos and what he’s getting done at the gym and on Friday he gave us a sneak peek of his latest workout, which included some ‘thumb activation’ exercises.

Mickelson is known for giving a countless number of thumbs-up gestures to the crowd during tournaments, so the thumbs-up workout is both awesome and very on-brand for the lefty.

For anyone fortunate enough to exercise out at their country club’s workout room, I’d keep an eye out for some people doing these exact same exercises over the next few days.

We’ll see the new-look Mickelson make his 2020 debut at The American Express next week.

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