Fans Criticize The Philadelphia Eagles Over Response To DeSean Jackson’s Anti-Semitic Social Media Posts

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The Philadelphia Eagles are aware of DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic posts and are currently investigating the matter.

Over the weekend, the 33-year-old wide receiver shared a fake quote in which Hitler supposedly says he would start World War III to stop white Jews in America from oppressing the Black community.

The quote was debunked back by Snopes in 2017.

Via Snopes

This passage is frequently shared in defense of Hitler to bolster the argument that he was actually not racist, and, in fact, that he believed black people were the “true Hebrews”. The first iteration of this text we could uncover was published on a clickbait web site called on 7 July 2015:

The rumor that Adolf Hitler said that World War III would begin when the United States realized that black people were the “true Hebrews” originated in an unsourced article published by a disreputable web site, and which appears to loosely string together an entire ecosystem of impossibly farfetched and completely unsourced conspiracy theories. Although the quote in the meme was attributed to a legitimate publication, the briefest and most cursory research shows that it appears nowhere in the book cited.

When called out over the quote, Jackson said he had no hate in his heart but went on to post another quote that states Jews are “looking to extort America for World domination.”

On Tuesday the Eagles released a statement and said they had spoken to Jackson about the posts but were “continuing to evaluate the circumstances” before taking “appropriate action”.

The Eagles statement received plenty of criticism from fans who want to see Jackson punished for sharing the insensitive social media posts.