Is This Donald Trump Inspired Philadelphia Eagles Tattoo The Most Regrettable Tattoo Of 2017?

A couple months back, the folks over at Uproxx did God’s work by redesigning every NFL logo as Donald Trump. It was a barrel of laughs back then, but I’m not sure how funny it will be when Trump actually imposes an executive order that mandates his pouty face be plastered across every NFL helmet. It will likely replace the NFL’s breast cancer awareness initiative.

Welp, what started out as an exercise in good content turned into a man’s lifelong regrettable decision.

This dude nailed it:

eagles logo


It looks like Trump got stung in the dome by a nest of bees. That tattoo artist deserves to have his license suspended. And the recipient of that tattoo deserves to have his citizenship revoked.

[h/t Uproxx]

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