The Philadelphia Eagles Just Dropped Their 2016 Hype Video To Get The 215 Stoked For Birds Football

Four years. That’s how many years I’ve been posting Philadelphia Eagles hype videos here on BroBible during the first week in September. I’m not joking — Here’s 2013, here’s 2014 (with Bradley Cooper — easily the best one of all time), here’s 2015. Today the Eagles dropped their 2016 hype video and it puts me on a damn emotional rocket ship. All I want to do after watching it is chug Yuenglings in the Sports Complex parking lot while throwing Dalessandro’s cheesesteaks at Cowboys fans.

This year’s effort is great and all, especially the Jeff Lurie cameo. And Jay Wright! That said, as much as I love drunkenly singing Fly Eagles Fly in my pit-stained Connor Barwin jersey, the team itself this year gives me the jitters. I’m cautiously optimistic like I always am with September football, though I feel like having a 10-6 year would be a minor miracle this season.

Regardless, best fans in sports. Every fall, we rise. Go Birds, fuck Dallas.

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