Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz Is Dating His High School Sweetheart Melissa Uhrich, Who Seems Super Chill

We’re only two games into the NFL season and rookie North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz is already red hot, becoming poised to be a darling in the City Of Brotherly Love. When you’re under insane pressure like he is, you have to stay calm with a good head on your shoulders. So it’s pretty cool to hear that the North Dakota native is dating his high school sweetheart, even though they aren’t even living together in the same city during his shining moment in the football spotlight:

via Big Lead:

Apparently the two are high school sweethearts who went to separate colleges but stayed together. She ran cross country at Concordia College while Wentz won FCS national titles at North Dakota State. The two also say they won’t live together until they get married.

And the New York Post adds this:

While Wentz has since turned pro and become Philadelphia’s prized franchise quarterback, Uhrich continues to support him as she did during their college years. And while she won’t hesitate to take his cellphone away during date nights — he was caught watching game film under the dinner table — she understands how much her boyfriend is dedicated to his craft.

Here are some of the pics he’s thrown up on social media. He better use that money from the Eagles to buy a ring for her finger so they can shack up on The Main Line ASAP.

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