The Philadelphia Phillies Have Something Called ‘Home Run Chickens’ And We Have Questions

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Unless it comes again your team, the home run is undeniably the most exciting play in baseball.

After all, chicks do dig the the long ball.

Teams are now finding more unique ways than ever before to celebrates home runs. Because baseball should be fun, and who doesn’t love fun?

And as it turns out, even pitchers love a good home run.

Alex Coffey of the Philadelphia Inquirer recently revealed that Philadelphia Phillies Jose Alvarado has maybe the most creative way yet to celebrate his team’s dingers.

Alvarado, as Coffey tells, folds towels into the shape of a rotisserie chicken and hangs one up after each home run.

“After each home run, I make the chicken and hang it up,” Alvarado told Coffey. “I make them in the bullpen. It’s something different after home runs. After home runs, the batters usually wave to us in the bullpen as they round second base, but sometimes they forget. So I wanted to do something they wouldn’t forget.”

Alvarado is currently on the 15-day injured list. So he’s moved his kitchen from the bullpen to the dugout. And his teammates are all about it.

“The boys are hungry. They are always looking to make sure I keep the chicken well cooked,” Alvarado said on Sunday. “[Josh] Harrison is always very hungry. He was hungry yesterday, so I had to cook a second chicken.”

Perhaps Alvarado was inspired by yet another Philadelphia legend.

Last November, after the Phillies lost the World Series, Philadelphia man Alexander Tominsky set out to eat 40 rotisserie chickens in 40 days.

Not only did he achieve this feat, but he did so in front of a gathering of 100s of adoring fans on an abandoning pier on the Delaware River.

Apparently Philadelphians just love themselves some rotisserie chickens. At least Alvarado is remaining on brand.