Philadelphia Looked Like An Earthquake Hit It After Eagles Fans Trashed It Sunday Night

by 12 months ago
Pictures Video Philadelphia Fans Celebration

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The city of Philadelphia looked like it had been hit by an earthquake in pictures and video from the morning after Eagles fans trashed it following the team’s big win in Super Bowl LII.

Amazingly, and somewhat inexplicably once you see the pictures and video, reports that there were only three arrests during the “peaceful” celebration.

Despite cars being overturned, fires started, store windows smashed, people standing on police cars, people climbing light poles, several traffic lights being knocked over, a convenience store being looted, and the Ritz Carlton awning collapsing from people standing on it, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said those were “isolated” incidents.

Really? Wow. So is Philly like the real life Gotham from Batman? This is just normal? Where’s Jim Gordon when you need him?

“Tens of thousands came out and celebrated this amazing victory last night, and but for a handful of bad actors the celebration was peaceful and jubilant,” a spokesman for the mayor said in a statement.

Though several exuberant fans were injured, there were no fatalities, the mayor’s office said.

So no one died. That’s where the bar is for what Philly considers a successful sports celebration, huh?

Check out some of the destruction below…

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