The Internet Reacts To A Piece Of Paper Giving The Cowboys A Huge First Down In Tonight’s Sunday Night Football Game

by 1 year ago

It’s been a pretty crazy week of football. Just a few hours ago, we had the Steelers-Patriots game end in a controversial overturned catch and now we have a football game get decided by a fucking piece of paper.

In the fourth quarter of tonight’s Sunday night football game between the Cowboys and Raiders, with the game tied at 17-17 with about 4 minutes lefte in the game, the Cowboys ran a QB sneak with Dak Prescott ran a sneak on fourth-and-1 from their own half of the field. It wasn’t clear whether Prescott was able to convert the first down, so referee Gene Steratore decided to call in the chain crew to measure. After the chains were brought onto the field, Steratore still wasn’t sure if Dallas gotten enough yards for the first down. Steratore proceeded to pull out a folded piece of paper out of pocket to finally determine whether or not the Cowboys had converted a first down on the fourth down play.

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