The Pittsburgh Steelers Appear To Accidentally Leak New Throwback Jerseys Before Unveiling

by 1 year ago

A couple of weeks ago, Steelers president Art Rooney announced that the team is set to wear a throwback jersey for the 2018 season after opting not to wear one last year.

Via 247Sports

“We’re going to have a new throwback jersey this year, and we’ll have to decide when we’re going to wear that,” Rooney said. “We haven’t decided that yet. That’ll be another piece of the puzzle, and we’ll look closer at the schedule and make a decision on when. We’ve already decided on the throwback jersey, but we have a planned day to unveil it, so that will be coming up at the end of May.”

Apparently the Steelers shop may have accidentally leaked the jerseys before they were officially unveiled because these showed up on their website and then were immediately deleted.

From the looks of it the Steelers will be bringing back the classic block letters and will use a darker color scheme, with black as a primary color and yellow with white stripes on the arms.

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