PK Subban’s Comment About Lizzo Go Viral During ESPN’s NHL Broadcast

PK Subban hockey analyst

Getty Image / Jaylynn Nash / NHLI

Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs began on Tuesday night with both road teams, the Seattle Kraken and Florida Panthers, stealing the first games of their series.

This is the first time the Toronto Maple Leafs have made it out of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs since 2004. Expectations and pressure are sky-high in Toronto after some fans believe they’ve broken their Playoffs curse.

After the Panthers beat the Leafs 4-2 in Game 1, ESPN’s top hockey analyst and former Norris Trophy winner PK Subban made a comment about Lizzo that has gone viral.

Longtime ESPN analyst John Buccigross made the comment that the Toronto Maple Leafs should “pack a lunch” ahead of Game 2. The suggestion is they should eat more before the game so they’d play with more energy.

PK Subban chimed in saying the Leafs “maybe need to pack a Lizzo sized lunch.” The suggestion here from PK Subban is that Lizzo is large and his comment quickly went viral on social media.

‘PK Subban’ began trending on Twitter. Many people started calling out his comments:

Not everybody on Twitter seemed offended, however.

PK Subban attempted to explain his comment on Twitter but it wasn’t about people understanding the phrase, it was that he dragged Lizzo into the conversation out of nowhere:

Maybe he meant ‘full of energy and puts on a great concert’ sized lunch?

Despite all of the outrage on Twitter, it doesn’t seem like anything will come of this, other than more angry tweets for a few days.

Prior to joining ESPN full-time as an analyst, PK Subban played 13 seasons in the NHL and earned over $78 million as one of the league’s best defenders.