Team USA Basketball Players ‘Mistakenly’ Went To A Brothel In Rio, Use The Ole ‘I Thought It Was A Spa’ Excuse

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before, so three NBA All-Stars walk into a brothel in Rio. No really. It’s actually not a joke, it really happened.

The ballers of the Team USA basketball are in Rio getting ready to dismantle the competition at the Summer Olympics. Draymond Green posted a photo of the opening ceremonies (Don’t worry, he didn’t have his dick out).

TMZ is reporting that some of the NBA players went exploring in Rio and to experience some of Brazil’s rich culture, including “mistakenly” visiting a brothel:

DeAndre Jordan, DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins, DeMar Derozan and possibly 3 other players went out on the town Wednesday night in Rio and strolled into Termas Monte Carlo … which Rolling Stone called “one of the high end brothels in Rio.”

When you call the place, they’ll tell you it’s a spa that plays music … and it’s just for male customers. Oh, and they have a full bar.

A source close to the team tells us the players got the standard line, so they assumed it was kosher. The source said, “They realized it wasn’t the right place for them and immediately left.”

As for what happened inside, the players were only seen hanging at the bar. Multiple sources tell us they bought booze … nothing more.

“We’re here for spa. The hottest spa you’ve got. *wink wink*”

On the Monte Carlo website it says there is a $70 entry fee. I know these NBA players are wealthy beyond belief, but wouldn’t a $70 cover charge for a spa or a bar send off some warning signals?

I clicked WikiSexGuidedotcom, which I have convenienty bookmarked for research such as this, and it says the following about the Monte Carlo:

Number of Girls: up to 50. The staff here tends to turnover fast, hence if you don’t like the selection one day, give it a few days and you might see some new faces in the line. Great location, nice and close to ground zero. Monte Carlo is very convenient, just a block from the beach and Avenida Atlântica. It’s also just a few blocks from L´Uomo, making it convenient to run from one to the other. The routine and set-up at Monte Carlo is nearly identical to L´Uomo. You enter and change clothes on the ground floor, take the elevator or stairs to the showers/spa on the second (facilities are nicer than L´Uomo’s) and take the elevator to the club on the 3rd floor, where the girls are to be found.

Sounds like the boys missed out.

Let’s hope Team USA can stay on the straight and narrow for the rest of their trip (Maybe not leave their personal cruise ship) and avoid Olympic disaster, unlike Rio.