Poker Player Flops A Straight But His Opponent Absolutely Destroys Him In Excruciating Hand

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There’s a lesson to be learned here. When you are playing in high-stakes poker tournaments and go to the flop with a couple of trash cards in your hand you need to remember that you started soft even if you hit a great flop. Germany’s Ole Schemion called Spain’s Marti Roca $10K raise to see the flop. The two were seated together on Day 3 of a World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) event.

Marti Roca at least had decent enough cards to warrant a raise if the table was soft. He had 10-J of spades. Ole Schemion called the $10K raise with 5-6 offsuit and when both players flopped a straight Ole Schemion was dead by the turn. This one’s hard to watch, but it’s definitely not a bad beat. This is an example of a player willing to put a lot of money into the pot without knowing where he stands against his opponent:

This guy was willing to go all in with the lowest possible straight on the board. After his opponent bet into him. He didn’t give himself any chances to walk away. Ole Schemion thought for sure that he had Marti Roca trapped and this happened because he bet/called in a way that never gleaned any information from his opponent. Going all-in when there’s a better hand on the board without even testing your opponent is foolish. Bet big, let him come back at you, make the decision then.

Don’t go all-in when you’ve got the lowest possible straight AFTER you’ve seen your opponent bet into and call a bet. At this point, all you know is the person across the felt also has a strong hand.

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