Poker Pro Tells Story Of Winning $9,000,000 Cash In Biggest Pot Of His Life

PokerGo High Stakes Poker huge pot story


The poker stories told around the ‘High Stake Poker’ table are second to none.

This poker story from Andrew Robl might be unbelievable if fellow pro Jean-Robert Bellande wasn’t there to corroborate the story. Furthermore, the truly unfathomable $9,000,000 cash pot was won against another famous poker player, Tom Dwan, who would also be able to corroborate the story.

During a recent episode of PokerGo‘s ‘High Stakes Poker’, Jean-Robert Bellande started talking about the biggest pot he’d ever seen in his life. It happened at the very casino where they were playing and filming, the Aria.

The other poker players are the table seem relatively unfazed by the story until Andrew Robl reveals that it was a pot worth $9,000,000, the biggest of his life. And to be clear, this happened in a cash game and not in a poker tournament so this was straight cash into Andrew Robl’s bank account and not chips worth imaginary amounts.

According to the HendonMob database, Andrew Robl has made $5,668,547 in live poker earnings. His largest single cash was $1,055,699 when he won the $100K buy-in 2013 Aussie Millions Poker Championship, Melbourne.

To put that in context, according to this poker story, he won 63% of his lifetime career live poker tournament earnings on a single high-stakes hand against Tom Dwan. And he had Dwan dead both times on the flop, according to Jean-Robert Bellande.

Craziest Poker Hand Of Andrew Robl’s Career

What’s wild is that the $9,000,000 hand isn’t the poker hand that Andrew Robl is most famous for.

Years ago, at the Party Poker World Open VI, Andrew Robl lost with Quad 9’s against Quad Queens to Toby Lewis. Both had pocket pairs but Toby Lewis had Robl beat pre-flop with QQ.

Lewis then flopped quad Queens while Robl made his boat with a 9 out there. He also hit the fourth nine on the river. Just an absolutely devastating hand all around:

I’ve seen quads lose to straight flushes before but this is the only time I’ve ever seen quads lose to quads.

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