Japanese Olympic Pole Vaulter Has Dreams Crushed After His Dick Hits The Bar And Knocks It To The Ground

Japanese pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita had a rough, albeit complimentary go during the qualification rounds at the Rio Olympics. You see, as Ogita was attempting to clear the 5.3 meter pole vault, his shin grazed the bar, causing it to wobble. Not a big deal, yeah? Maybe a few points deducted but as long as the bar doesn’t come crashing to earth, it’s fine…right?

Unfortunately for Ogita, that’s exactly what happened – but not due solely to his shin.

According to Daily Mail, the bar looked like it would stay in place despite its contact with Ogita, however as he piked his body to make it completely over the bar his penis “delivered the final blow,” sending the bar down to the ground and ruining any chance for Olympic glory.

On his second attempt Ogita managed to clear a 5.45 meter bar, however the damage was already done.

He wound up in 21st place, and will probably be the only man to go down in history wishing that his dick was at least a few inches smaller.

[H/T Daily Mail]