Police Find Naked Man On Weed, LSD, and Cocaine Stuck In A Hole On Site Of Bills New Stadium

Buffalo Bills fans

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Buffalo Bills fans have a reputation for going very hard on game day, but one man really went above and beyond after managing to get stuck in a hole after allegedly infiltrating the site of the team’s new stadium while under the influence of multiple drugs.

If you’ve been lucky enough to attend a game in Orchard Park, I don’t have to tell you how rowdy things can get when the Bills are playing, as you usually don’t need to look too hard to find someone jumping through a folding table after sucking down a few Labatt Blues and/or ripping a shot of Polish cherry liqueur out of a bowling ball.

It should come as no surprise that the police logs in Buffalo have a tendency to feature more than a few incidents that unfolded in the vicinity of Highmark Stadium the day after the home team plays a game, but it’s going to be very, very hard to top the 29-year-old man who made headlines for all of the wrong reason in the wake of Sunday’s showdown between the Bills and the Raiders.

On Monday, Matthew Bové of WKWB shared a crime blotter entry for the ages courtesy of the 29-year-old man who’d apparently decided to help himself to some marijuana, LSD, and cocaine before scaling the fence surrounding the site of the new stadium that’s currently being constructed across the street from the venue the Bills currently call home before police rescued him from the hole he’d gotten stuck in.

WKBW’s Kristen Mirand was at a press conference the Erie County Sheriff’s Office held in the wake of the incident where they provided some more details, saying the man in question was “found naked and covered in chemicals from a porta potty” in a hole 30 to 40-feet deep before he was taken for treatment at Buffalo General Medical Center after receiving a call about the situation around 45 minutes before kickoff on Sunday.

Officials say the suspect has been charged with trespassing, although Erie Country Sherriff John Garcia described the rest of the fans who made the trek to Highmark on Sunday as the “best-behaved crowd.”

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