Pope Francis Accidentally Blessed The New Orleans Saints Hours Before They Barely Beat The Jaguars

Pope Francis

iStockphoto / DorSteffen

I’m fairly certain that Pope Francis doesn’t turn up on Sundays to watch NFL football but if he did then it’s safe to assume that he would be rooting for the New Orleans Saints, and this was confirmed on Sunday morning when he accidentally blessed the Saints just hours before their road game in Jacksonville against the Jaguars.

The NFL has had some excellent integrations over the years from live-streaming Thusday Night Football games to each team having dedicated hashtags + emojis so fans can show support on game days. When you tweet using the hashtag #Saints the team’s logo automatically pops up next to the hashtag on Sundays.

On Sunday morning, Pope Francis sent out a tweet to his 18.1 million followers where he blessed the Saints. I think most people assume this was an accident, myself included, but we really have no evidence that Pope Francis didn’t mean to do this. For all we know, he was pulling for the Saints over the Jags and this was all intentional.

The tweet (below) led to a neverending stream of jokes on Twitter. Check it out:

Everyone had a reaction:

The Saints only answer to ONE higher power.

Without looking, this has to be one of the most popular tweets from Pope Francis in a long time because everyone with a Twitter account (you can find me at @casspa) seemed to get in on the action.