Need Something To Calm Your Nerves? This POV Footage Of A Porsche GT2 Flying Up A Mountain Is Not What You’re Looking For

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Pixabay / Marlene Bitzer

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If you are in need of some relaxing footage today then you might want to leave now. You can head on over to YouTube can search for a deer sipping water from a babbling brook or tropical parrots taking a bath in a waterfall somewhere in the Amazon. Or maybe what you crave is that 12-hour video of Kate Upton walking the runway or the burning Yule Log clip of a fireplace.

What I can tell you for certain that there’s nothing relaxing about this 800Hp Porsche 993 GT2 with a 3.5L Twin-Turbo engine ripping it up the Cividale-Castelmonte Hill Climb in Italy. This is white knuckle footage and it is awesome. It’s five glorious minutes of this high-performance Porsche just blasting it up the mountain.

One more feature that makes this footage even better is the car’s driver is 70-year-old Rupert Schwaiger who has bigger balls at 70 than men half his age. The multiple camera angles, both POV and side-street footage, gives us an incredible look at just how insanely close some of these turns and obstacles are to taking the Porsche out.


The website Autoweek added this footage of 70-year-old Rupert Schwaiger competing in the Bergrallye Kitzeck 2019 Hill Climb and crashing his since-restored Porsche 911. This gives us a pretty good look at how quickly and easily everything can fall apart in a Hill Climb race.

My friends and I always talk about how we want to go out to Las Vegas and do one of those on-track racing days together where you pay a small fortune and they give you the keys to cars you’d otherwise never have access to but to be honest, I’d much rather give this a try for the same price. My palms are sweaty just from watching that POV footage above, I can’t imagine how much cooler it is in person.