Portland State Football Player Gets Busted For Faking To Be A Cop When A Real Police Officer Finds Out

Sherwood Police // KGW

It’s an absolute fact that college kids do dumb shit, but few are crazy enough to actually impersonate being a cop by pulling over an absolute stranger.

Unfortunately, for Portland State football player Troy Bacon, he didn’t exactly think through the consequences before he did just that, as he got busted when a real officer figured out that Bacon was just playing pretend, leading to an arrest.

Here’s what the responding officer said happened, per KGW.com:

The officer pulled over and saw a man, now identified as 20-year-old Troy Matthew Bacon, yelling at the victim, according to Sherwood police.

The officer asked if everything was fine and Bacon told him that he was an off-duty, part-time deputy with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office. Bacon then showed the officer a badge with the title “Junior Probation Officer,” police said.

Bacon’s Dodge Charger was a rental car with no emergency equipment or lights, according to police.

The victim of the fake pullover alleges that Bacon “got behind me and started flashing his beams and he pulled aside me and revved his engine…He was waving his hands in the air, said I was going 95 on the highway, and I was driving erratically, and I was texting and driving and all these things.”

After transferring from Boise State this past season, Bacon was supposed to be a key contributor for the Vikings, but after further details are released about this news, head coach Bruce Barnum is wondering Bacon’s future, per KGW:

“Up until this point, he was exactly what I wanted, what we wanted to add to our football team, then this came up. Again, monitoring this just like you, just like Portland.”

An investigation is ongoing as police gather further details.

I can’t help but think that maybe Bacon was this Portland State player who got his helmet slobberknockered off during a team drill this spring, because there’s no way someone would just willingly do something like this, right?

[H/T KGW.com]