The Portland Trail Blazers Trolled Russell Westbrook On Twitter After Physical Win, And Should Not Poke The Bear

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Oklahoma City Thunder v Portland Trail Blazers

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The Portland Trail Blazers defeated the OKC Thunder last night 114-95 in a schoolyard-esque physical game that demonstrated just how much these two teams hate each other. Russell Westbrook, who showed flashes of ‘HOLY SHIT’ but was ultimately limited to just 20, 6, 6, seemed distracted with proving to the Portland crowd that he is a superior guard to their beloved Damian Lillard.

Exhibit A:

After the game, the Trail Blazers twitter account downplayed Russell Westbrook’s mind-boggling triple-double rampage this season. Through 25 games, Westbrook is threatening to become the first NBA player to average a triple-double since Cincinnati Royals Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson. The Trail Blazers aren’t impressed:

And just to twist the knife:

The Thunder and Trail Blazers square off again on February 5th, and I am going to my bookie and predicting Russell Wilson has no less than 82 points, 24, assists, and 40 rebounds. Mortal lock.

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