This Prank The Minnesota Twins’ Players Pulled On Their Coach Is Endlessly Watchable


I don’t pretend to know the nuances of a professional baseball players life but I’d imagine if you can’t find ways to make fun in a 162-game season, then it would be boring as shit. I mean, Pablo Sandavol’s liking pics of rando instagram models in the dugout and almost ever dude in the league packs wads just to feel something. I go to like three baseball games a year and I’m maxed out. It’s physically exhausting sitting in those fucking electric chair seats and it’s socially exhausting because I run out of things to talk about with my friend in about the bottom of the fourth. And the goddamn length of the game. I broke up with my girlfriend, got back together, and broke up again all before the seventh inning stretch. These dudes withstand that for ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY TWO games.

That’s why its good to see these boys having little fun in between meaningless June matchups. This prank by a bunch of Minnesota Twins players on their bullpen coach Eddie Guardado after their 13-2 victory over the White sox is top-shelf entertainment. It’s simple but spot-on and endlessly watchable.

[H/T Uproxx]