The Vikings Honored Prince During Their Halftime Show Yesterday But The 1st TD Of The Night Was An Eerie Homage

The late/great musician Prince was pretty much ‘Mr. Minnesota’. He was arguably the most famous homegrown celebrity to ever come from Minnesota, so it made perfect sense that the Vikings would honor his legacy during their halftime show on Sunday. What made no sense at all was how the VERY FIRST TOUCHDOWN ever scored in the Minnesota Vikings new stadium also inadvertently paid homage to Prince:

Kind of looks like just another Aaron Rodgers TD, huh? Wrong. Aaron Rodgers connected with Jordy Nelson for the first TD in the Vikings new stadium. Prince’s full name? Prince Rogers Nelson. You can’t even make this stuff up it’s so crazy.

As mentioned above, the Minnesota Vikings also paid homage to Prince during their halftime show and it was captured on Twitter:

…Shout out to SBNation for sharing this crazy Prince Rodgers Nelson TD coincidence…