Pro Gambler Wins $240,000 Betting Ronda Would Lose Just Weeks After Winning $2.5 Million Betting On The Royals

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Holly Holm made a fool of us all. If you thought that fight would end with Ronda eating the canvas, you’re either a liar or a moron. Or professional gambler Dave Oancea.

Dave bet on Holly Holm to do exactly what she did to Rousey on Saturday night. And he bet big. Like to the tune of $20,000. With an 11:1 money line. For those scoring at home, Oancea went to bed last night $240,000 richer.

Oancea’s huge haul came on the heels of winning $2,457,200 for betting that the Kansas City Royals would win the World Series.

Starting in April, Oancea placed 26 bets on the Royals to win the World Series. He put down between $500 to $25,000–totaling $100,000. The reason for the multiple bets is due to the fact that sports books steer clear of massive single bets due to liability purposes.


“I shopped all the casinos, I bet every casino and hammered it,” he said. “It was at 30 to 1 at the beginning of the day. By the time I went to all the casinos it was down to 6 to 1.” When the Royals advanced to the World Series, Oancea had a chance to hedge his bet and put money on the Mets, with the opportunity to win $1.25 million. He didn’t do it.

Oancea’s ballsy move paid off, quite literally.


Dave wasted no time in treating himself. The way we all would.

Meanwhile, I’m searching the couch cushions for lunch money. Some bros have all the luck.

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