The Best Prop Bets For Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs. Chiefs

super bowl prop bets

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The Super Bowl is finally upon us. After what was a wild postseason we’ve arrived at the big one as the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will do battle at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Outside of too many commercials and a hit or miss halftime performance, one of the greatest traditions of each Super Bowl are the prop bets.

The Super Bowl and prop bets go together like fine wine and cheese and we’re here to tell you about the three best for the 54th edition of the Super Bowl.

Total Points Odd/Even

Let’s begin with a straight-up 50/50 bet to get things rolling, plus, this is a bet you’ll be paying attention to right up until the final whistle, which is always fun when it comes to prop bets.

The last five Super Bowls have ended with the final score being an even number. That streak may throw you off from picking an odd points total, but since Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000 an odd number has hit a total of 10 times. This makes it a perfect 10-10 split in the odds/even point total department over the last 20 Super Bowls.

It’s a 50/50 bet that has literally gone 50/50 over the last 20 games played.

We’re banking on the even number streak to continue this week thanks to the odds being as high as +114. Go with the underdog bet, especially when we’re literally talking about the addition of two numbers.

Total Points: Even (+114)

First Turnover Type (Including Overtime)

There are three options in this bet: interception, fumble or no turnovers at all.

This is a bet that has absolutely nothing to do with what may have happened in previous Super Bowls, instead, one that you have to keep simple when making a decision.

Odds are, there is going to be a turnover in this game and while your brain may immediately go to an interception being the first, and maybe the only turnover of the game, let’s not forget about a fumble.

San Francisco had the fourth most fumbles in the NFL during the regular season with 19 turning the ball over 10 times after coughing it up. Kansas City put the ball on the ground 20 times turning the ball over 10 times on those occasions as well.

While the interception odds aren’t necessarily bad at -153, taking a shot on the fumble being the first turnover in the game at +150 is the move.

First Turnover Type: Fumble (+150)

Player To Record Longest Punt (Including Overtime)

It’s the last game of the season, so it’s time to show a little love to the punters on these two teams, as well as make a little bit of money off of their talents.

With both of these teams having such high-powered offenses and finishing the regular season Top Five in scoring, it’s easy to forget about special teams, especially when it comes to the punters, but we’re not going to do that.

Both of these teams are going to punt the football, if not, this will be the highest-scoring game in football history, so yes, this prop bet makes sense. While it’s likely there won’t be a high number of punts in the game, we all thought the same thing a year ago before the Patriots and Rams combined for a whopping 16 points in the Super Bowl.

We’re going to focus on nothing but averages for this one. San Francisco’s Mitch Wishnowsky has punted the ball 58 times this year while Kansas City’s Dustin Colquitt has punted it 54 times. As far as average punt distance, Wishnowsky has a slight edge again averaging 44.35 yards per punt compared to Colquitt’s 42.55 yards per punt.

The differences here are extremely small, but let’s side with the numbers here, especially when they favor the punter on the underdog team.

Player To Record Longest Punt: Mitch Wishnowsky (-125)

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