Psychotic Flag Football Team Captain Writes Epic E-Mail To His Slacker Teammates

by 5 years ago


The Bros over at Elite Daily got their hands on a gem of a rant from a flag football captain who takes his after-work team very seriously. Any letter that begins “Welcome to the 2015-2016 Bar None Football season. For the vets, go fuck yourselves!!! For the rookies, go fuck yourselves! That’s how it is on this team.” is an instant classic in my book.

We have gone too many years in a row being the most talented team on the field, but always screwing up at the end because peoples pride has gotten in the way.

This dude is a regular Tony D’Amato. Can someone please film his pre-game pump up speeches? This dude has the intensity to give the “inches” speech a run for its money.

Read the whole letter below. Sorry the font is so damn small. You can read a bigger version of it here.


Elite Daily

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