Pumpkin Pie Eating Champion Earns World Record After Eating 48 Pieces Of Pie In 10 Minutes

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I’m a huge fan of pumpkin pie. I’d rank pumpkin pie probably 2nd on my list of favorite pies/cakes just behind cheesecake and just ahead of key lime pie, but my preferences change with the seasons. We’re knee deep in Fall, just two weeks away from Halloween. This is PEAK pumpkin season, and that means there are pumpkin festivals taking place throughout the heartland.

At one such pumpkin festival over the weekend, competitive eater Molly Schuyler set a new pumpkin pie eating world record by scarfing down 48 pieces of pumpkin pie (16.8 pounds) in just 10 minutes. This is Molly’s second pumpkin pie eating world record. She previously set the pumpkin pie eating world record back in 2015 when she ate 47 pieces of pie in 10 minutes.

You can see Molly’s world record breaking 10 minutes of pumpkin pie eating in this video. The uncut footage starts at the 24:30 mark. I’ve set the video to begin at 24:08 so you get an idea of what’s going on in the clip:

Competitive eating is a game of inches. You don’t often see someone come along and absolutely demolish previous world records, not anymore. There was a time when eating WR’s were easily broken but then people like Kobayashi, Joey Chestnut, and Molly Schuyler came along. 48 pieces of pumpkin pie in 10 minutes is almost unfathomable…nearly 17 pounds of pumpkin, crust, and more being shoved down into her stomach in 10 minutes. That’s almost 2-pounds of food EVERY MINUTE being eaten by Molly. I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten half of that weight in the course of an entire Thanksgiving day.

[h/t WGRZ]

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