Purdue Brutally Trolls Notre Dame By Creating World’s Smallest Drum

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The Purdue Boilermakers may not have a whole lot to cheer about on the football field this season.

The Boilermakers lost to visiting Fresno State, 39-35, in their open game of the season and the first game of coach Ryan Walters’ tenure. And they paid the Bulldogs over a million dollars for the pleasure.

But that hasn’t stopped them from trolling in-state rival Notre Dame in the most creative.

The rivalry between the two Indiana schools dates all the way back to 1896, and the Fighting Irish unsurprisingly lead the all-time series, 57-26-2.

But the Irish took the rivalry to a new level in 2021 when the Boilermakers visited South Bend.

Purdue’s marching band is famous for its use of the world’s largest drum. The drum had been present at every single Boilermakers game since 1979.

But Notre Dame put a stop to that streak.

The Irish built a new tunnel specifically for away teams to enter the playing field in 2017.

The tunnel, as you can tell, said tunnel is not conducive to Purdue’s 7-feet tall, 3-feet wide drum.

You may say, “couldn’t they have brought the drum through the home tunnel?”

Well, no.

Notre Dame did not allow the Boilermakers to bring the drum, despite 2021 marking the 100th anniversary of the drum’s creation.

The Fighting Irish also walked away with a 27-13 victory in the contest.

But you can’t keep a good Purdue man down.

The Boilermakers will welcome Notre Dame to Ross-Ade Stadium in 2024 for the next installment of the rivalry. And when they do, they’ll be prepared.

Purdue engineering professor Dave Cappelleri  “came up with the idea for the world’s smallest drum after Purdue received a Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT2 3D printer.”

The new drum is “about the width of a human hair,” according to the university.

You can’t keep a good nerd down. And even though Purdue may stink on the football field, it’s apparently still pretty darn impressive in the classroom.

Let’s see the Fighting Irish try to keep that one out.