Ex-UFC Star Rachael Ostovich Displays Remarkable Flexibility In Viral Workout Video

Rachael Ostovich

Michael Owens/Getty Image

Former UFC flyweight contender Rachael Ostovich has managed to captivate the attention of fans once again, this time not through the octagon but through her remarkable fitness journey.

Having graced the UFC from 2017 to 2020, Ostovich’s fighting career might not have been as illustrious as she had hoped, having secured only a single victory during her tenure.

However, her transition from the world of mixed martial arts to modeling has proven to be a masterstroke, as evidenced by her ever-growing Instagram following, which currently stands at over 720,000 devoted followers.

In a recent Instagram post Ostovich showcased her awe-inspiring flexibility in a captivating workout video.

The video, accompanied by the enigmatic caption “✨A Shift in Energy✨”, even received a like from UFC’s Tracy R. Cortez .

While this video undoubtedly showcased Ostovich’s dedication to maintaining her physique and well-being, it was far from the first time she had caused a sensation online.

Just recently, the former fighter turned heads and set the internet ablaze when she was spotted wearing an alluring one-piece outfit while gallivanting around the picturesque landscapes of Oahu.

Ostovich also managed to nearly break the internet with her unapologetic confidence and stunning looks, this time sporting a revealing bathing suit that left little to the imagination as she strolled along the sun-kissed beaches of Hawaii.

Rachael Ostovich’s journey from a struggling UFC contender to a prominent model is a testament to her resilience, versatility, and ability to capture the hearts of fans both old and new.