Hot Raiders Fan Takes On A Beer Bong Mannequin And In True Raiders Fashion, Loses Badly

by 4 years ago

It’s impossible to respect this effort. You want to tap out after the first few milliseconds? Fine. Just take down the mouthful of beer, pick up your participation trophy, and carry on with your life. But to spit out a perfectly good mannequin vagina lager is insulting to our founding fathers. I’d be willing to fork over a shred of credit for stepping up to the vagina plate, but sometimes it’s better not to try and save yourself the humiliation of failure, then to try and fail. Just look at me: I’m 28-years-old, played it safe my entire life, and haven’t been humiliated on the internet.

Oh wait…

pat blanchard


I also have horrendous credit and don’t own a bed frame. I should probably reconsider my life choices.


Apparently you can get hammered after not swallowing a drop. Who woulda thunk.

[h/t Busted Coverage]

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