Report: Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo Underwent Surgery After Signing; Not Cleared For OTAs

Jimmy Garoppolo

Ethan Miller/Getty Image

In a surprising revelation, it has come to light that Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo underwent surgery in March after signing with the team, and the exact timeline for his recovery remains unknown.

This new information sheds light on the reason behind Garoppolo’s absence from the Raiders’ OTA practices, as confirmed by coach Josh McDaniels during a press conference on Thursday.

McDaniels chose not to delve into the specifics of Garoppolo’s injury, but sources within the organization tell The Athletic that the surgery was indeed performed on his left foot.

The initial injury to Garoppolo’s left foot occurred on December 6, 2022, while he was still playing for his former team, the San Francisco 49ers.

At the time, there were concerns that he had suffered a Lisfranc fracture, which often requires surgical intervention. However, the medical staff of the 49ers concluded that it was a different type of fracture that did not necessitate surgery, and a recovery period of approximately two months was projected.

Suspicions arose when Garoppolo arrived at the team’s headquarters in Henderson, Nevada, to sign his contract on March 16 but abruptly left without completing the formalities.

Garoppolo eventually signed with the Raiders a day later and held his introductory news conference. However, he did not provide any explanation for the delay or offer a clear update on the status of his foot injury.

It was later revealed to The Atheltic, according to a reliable league source, that during Garoppolo’s physical examination, the Raiders discovered that his foot did, in fact, require surgery. Subsequently, the procedure was performed after his official introduction as a member of the Raiders.

The news of Garoppolo’s surgery and the subsequent uncertainty surrounding his recovery timeline raise questions about his availability for the upcoming season.

As the team proceeds with its preparations for the season, they will closely monitor Garoppolo’s progress and provide updates as soon as more information becomes available regarding his recovery and potential return to the field.