Raiders Staffer Sneaks Marshawn Lynch Some Skittles On The Down Low

Ever since he was a kid Marshawn Lynch has loved himself some skittles.


“When Marshawn was 12 or 13, we’d go to his games and I’d always have little candies in my purse,” Lynch’s mama explained. “Before the game, I would say, ‘Here Marshawn, come and get you power pellets.’
“I would give him a handful of Skittles and say, ‘Eat ’em up, baby. They’re going to make you run fast and they’re going to make you play good.”
Delisa Lynch then laughed. Part of her joy was just retelling the story that so few actually know; part of it was the bewilderment she shares with her son over the way the story was mangled last season.
“So that’s where it comes from,” she said. “I don’t know about that touchdown-reward story, because everybody was saying this and everybody was saying that. But I would just say, ‘They don’t even know the half of it.’
“The real is story is, I would give him Skittles before the game when he was playing Pop Warner.”

During tonight’s Cowboys-Raiders game one Raiders staffer hilariously sneaked Marshawn some skittles on the DL.

Gotta make sure the Beast Mode gets his skittles no matter what.

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