The Raiders Tried To Throw Shade At The Broncos And Instead Got Lambasted By Twitter

I don’t think I ever realized that there was a Broncos-Raiders rivalry anymore. I actually never knew there was one in general. I know that the two franchises consider each other rivals, but a rivalry can’t really exist if one team consistently dominates the other. The Raiders held a 50-29-2 record over the Broncos for 40 years (1960-2000) while the Broncos are 21-11 since 2000. That’s not a rivalry. That’s just two teams meeting often enough to clearly illustrate that one of them sucks.

Regardless of what the past 15 seasons have brought them, the Raiders seemed pretty cocky today when they tried to throw shade at the Broncos via Twitter after the NFL tweeted that the Broncos defense currently rule the AFC West.

Leading to the Broncos to throw some Twitter shade back at them.

Broncos fans quickly got in on the action:

As did Raiders fans:

While it’s every fan’s duty to publicly come to the aid of their team, regardless of if their team is at fault, I’m shocked that Raiders fans were so quick to back their boys. The Raiders have become a garbage fuck of a franchise in recent years. I used to be unreasonably afraid of Raiders fans and their facepaint, weird masks and beer-guts full of anger. Now, they just look like sad old men in makeup. I’m not afraid of them. I want buy them lunch and tell them it’s ok. Maybe the Raiders will be better someday. Just not today. Or probably tomorrow.

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