Rapper Joyner Lucas Puts Karen Civil On Blast And Accuses Her Of Stealing $60k From Him

Joyner Lucas

Rapper Joyner Lucas has a bone to pick with self-proclaimed “digital marketing strategist” Karen Civil.

On Saturday afternoon Lucas went on a rant accusing Civil of stealing $60k from him when he hired her six years ago to help with his marketing efforts but instead took the money and stopped responding to his messages.

Update: Civil released a statement to Baller Alert denying allegations against her.

Via Baller Alert

Baller Alert reached out to Karen Civil, and she provided us with this statement:

It’s easy for him to make broad statements when you aren’t familiar with the backend of business especially Marketing.

Subcontractors were paid including Ravenel Agency, PR, and local Reps (mix show/radio). All parties contracted out on his behalf to execute were paid from the overall budget allotted.

When he expressed his unhappiness about not getting VIP access to a NY NBA2K event because he arrived 2 1/2 hours prior to the time he was given

Him not being able to reach me the following day during a scheduled personal vacation cause him to be irate.

His MGMT called me to rectifying the situation after Joyner made his first tweet claims in which I responded we can happily move forward after a public apology was made since he used that same platform to lie about funds being taken from him. I recorded the call just for future circumstances like this.

Unfortunately 6 years later, he’s now utilizing a separate disagreement moment to amplify and create a social momentum around himself.

He and I both had separate conversations with Charlamagne this morning where he passed on his phone number so we can have a discussion directly, but instead he took to social.

Nothing was stolen or taken from Joyner Lucas.

Unfortunately, certain artist are under the impression they have 24/7 access to you. That’s not feasible or possible.

All work done on his behalf were fulfilled.

Subcontractor invoices were made & sent to MGMT Sean MacDonald of Dead Silence CEO.

Which my team also kept records for. -KC