Raquel Pennington’s Corner Refuses To Let Her To Quit Fight After She Tells Them She’s ‘Done’, Amanda Nunes Proceeds To Beat Her Down Into A Bloody Pulp

There was a bit of controversy at the end of tonight’s UFC 224 card during the main event fight between Raquel Pennington and Amanda Nunes. In the fourth round of the fight, Pennington, who was struggling after she had her nose broken by Nunes in the early rounds, asked to quit because she felt she was “done” but her coach went on to convince her to fight for one more round.

Pennington did indeed return to the cage to fight for another few minutes before Nunes beat her to a bloody pulp in the cage.

Pennington’s team went on to get criticized by nearly everyone twitter for their actions that put their fighter in harm’s way when she clearly didn’t want to fight anymore.

Pennington’s team should ashamed, there was no reason for her to go out there and get beat up for another minute.