One-Of-One Victor Wembanyama Rookie Card Finally Pulled, Estimated At $100K

Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama

Getty Image / Ethan Miller

The sports card game has been back for a hot minute, as people across the country continue to pull rare cards left and right.

Everybody has been keeping an eye out for the San Antonio Spurs rookie card of Victor Wembanyama, and it sounds like a rare one has finally been pulled.

Eric Whiteback, as well known collectibles “guru” shared a video of Bleacher Breaks pulling the ultra rare Victor Wembanyama rookie card. He also claims the card is “likely worth $100K.” Watch for yourself.

Considering it’s a one-of-one card, it’s no wonder it’s so valuable. Additionally, the hype is real about Wembanyama, as he’s one of the best prospects entering the NBA in recent years.

With that said, this card probably still needs to be appraised for an official value. But according to Whiteback, this card should at least be worth $100K right now.

Bleacher Breaks is a popular social media team that shares videos opening packs all of the time. Somehow, they’re able to get their hands on some of the best packs available, improving their chances of finding ultra rare cards.

In all, it’s kind of surprising to see a rookie card of Victor Wembanyama already worth $100K. I mean, he has all of the potential in the world. But he hasn’t even played a minute in the league yet.

Regardless, watching this video makes me want to go buy as many sports cards packs as possible. Maybe I can get lucky and find one worth six figures to pay off my student loans.