Ray Lewis, Cris Carter and Trent Dilfer Have Been Dumped By ESPN To Make Room For Better Sportscasters (So Literally Anyone)

I understand I’m just a single viewer and that ESPN could give less than a single shit about my opinion, but it really seems like the ‘one big happy family’ image they’ve been showing the world for all these years is cracking. For years, ESPN’s been trying to convince their viewers that they were the real-world equivalent to The Brady Bunch except with about 900% more old white men in finely pressed suits. And, while they spent decades experiencing the success that would allow them to call themselves the worldwide leader in sports, it’s no secret that they’ve begun to fall apart a little bit over the years. They had Bomani Jones wearing that ‘Caucasians!!’ t-shirt, Curt Schilling doing whatever the hell he was doing, and Windhorst falling asleep on live TV. And that’s just naming a few.

A few weeks ago, word got around that Skip Bayless was jumping ship and going over to Fox Sports. Fired, quit, no one really knows for sure. But he’s gone. Well, it seems that ESPN is continuing to clean house a bit to make room for some new blood with today’s announcement.

Via The Big Lead:

“ESPN’s NFL coverage will look dramatically different next year. Our site already reported that Mike Ditka is out from his Countdown gig (though will remain with the network in an emeritus role), and that Matt Hasselbeck and Charles Woodson are on their way in.

Trent Dilfer has also been widely reported to be leaving Bristol. In addition to this, The Big Lead has learned that Cris Carter and Ray Lewis are also expected to be on their way out, and that Randy Moss is expected to be on his way in. Moss spent last season at Fox Sports, appearing on the pre pre show that pitted him in debates with Colin Cowherd.”

Not going to lie, none of these guys are people I can’t live without. For one, Trent Dilfer is the king of the cold/nonsensical take. Like when he tried to argue that NFL organizations don’t care about making playoffs:

Or when he pointed out that you can’t win games by losing them:

Then, there’s Ray “I’m Literally A Murderer And Still Somehow Got Famous” Lewis:

Before rounding out the pack with Cris “You Need A Fall Guy” Carter:

Really, it makes sense that ESPN is bundling away Carter and Lewis at the same time since Lewis literally wrote the book on having a fall guy. Regardless, besides losing those guys, gaining Randy Moss’s goofy ass and Matt Hasselbeck will be two incredible breaths of fresh air for a network that has become about as exciting as rotten fruit. I am a bit bummed that Ditka won’t be around as frequently. Nothing will ever beat him whipping out a wad of cash on live TV. That’s the kind of hustle you can’t learn and are born with. All-time classic.