Twitter Reactions To Skip Bayless Leaving ESPN Are As Fantastic As You’d Expect Them To Be

by 3 years ago
skip bayless leaving espn twitter reactions

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As you may have heard (because we told you not too long ago) Skip Bayless will be leaving ESPN thus putting an end to his nonsensical shouting on shows such as First Take as his final appearance on that show will be the day after the NBA Finals are finished.

There’s been no official word yet on where he is going (much of the talk is centered around Fox Sports 1), but according to many on Twitter it really doesn’t matter. What matters is just that he is going…somewhere, anywhere else but ESPN and First Take. Unfortunately it probably won’t be somewhere that he hopefully can’t hurt our ears any longer. (One can dream.)

Here are but a few of the hundreds of fantastic celebratory tweets that have greeted the news of Bayless’ departure…

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