Dude Sets World Record By Sumo Deadlifting A Total Of 23,256-Pounds In 60 Seconds

by 11 months ago
sumo deadlift

Shutterstock / Mark McElroy

Raymond Saraiva is a powerlifter from Massachusetts who last Summer lifted his way into the Guinness World Records book in a feat that has just recently been certified and shared on the Guinness YouTube channel.

By going into absolute Beast Mode, Raymond Saraiva sets the Guinness World Record for ‘most weight in the Sumo Deadlift in one minute’. He’s able to lift a cumulative total of 23,256-pounds in 60 seconds (10,548.74 kg) with is 57 reps of 408-pounds (185.1 kg).

I’m going to just throw this out there…I’m not entirely sure that ‘Heaviest Sumo Deadlift In One Minute’ was a Guinness World Record that has existed since the dawn of time. There are thousands of records in the Guiness book but this has the aura of one that was made up on the spot because someone wanted to powerlift their way into the record books. Which, for the record, I’m totally cool with.

If you’re out there and have some peculiar talent that you believe can earn you a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records then, by all means, hit up their website and pitch it to them because that framed plaque on your wall is going to look dope. At the very least, it’s 10x more interesting than your framed college diploma.

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