Fans Are Roasting ESPN For Over-The-Top Coverage Of The Lakers After WCF Sweep

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The Los Angeles Lakers were swept in the Western Conference Finals by the Denver Nuggets this week, successfully ending their season, but that hasn’t stopped ESPN from continuing to talk about the NBA’s biggest brand.

Many of the league’s followers have grown irritated with how much coverage the Lakers continue to see despite their being eliminated from the postseason. Those fans are now posting reactions on social media.

Los Angeles had been one of basketball’s best stories. Following a 2-10 start to the year, LeBron and Co. turned it around to secure the seventh seed in the West.

The Lakers then began a surprising playoff run, taking down the second-seeded Grizzlies and defending champion Warriors in back-to-back series. Unfortunately, their title hopes came to an end in the Conference Finals.

Denver bested Los Angeles in the seven-game set, ripping off four straight wins to complete the sweep. Boasting arguably the league’s best player in Nikola Jokic, the Nuggets flexed their muscles in a quartet of highly competitive games.

Only one matchup was decided by double digits, with Denver’s final win coming down to the last possession. For that reason, the Lakers continue to be a topic of ESPN discussion despite not winning a single contest in the WCF.

In an episode of First Take on Tuesday morning, Brian Windhorst was heard talking about LeBron James and the Lakers. Here’s what he had to say.

“The Lakers absolutely were terrific in going down in this series. I’m not sure I’ve seen a more impressive performance in a sweep, ever.”

A bit over the top…

Fans online were quick to post reactions to not only this, but all Lakers coverage on ESPN after the sweep.

“It is pretty hysterical that after being swept in the WCF, ESPN is still ALL about the Lakers this morning. You’ve got all off-season to talk about their future. Dissect the team that’s actually still playing,” one tweet read.

“Can’t make it up… first question asked after ESPN tosses it back to the studio: ‘The Nuggets are going to the Finals after a legendary first half performance from LeBron…so what went wrong w/ the Lakers?’ another person said.

What will ESPN talk about with the Lakers now gone and the Celtics a game away from elimination?