College Football Fans Joke That Lincoln Riley Will Leave USC After It’s Reported The Trojans Will Join The Big Ten

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  • Lincoln Riley has become a topic of conversation following some recent news
  • USC and UCLA are reportedly trying to leave the PAC-12
  • Fans joke that Lincoln Riley will bolt on the Trojans if they join the more competitive Big Ten

A bombshell just dropped in the world of college football.

It’s been reported that PAC-12 staples USC and UCLA are planning to leave the conference in order to join the Big Ten. The news breaks from West Coast insider Jon Wilner, who says that the schools are hoping to join the new league in 2024.

That would all but kill the PAC-12, who would lose two of its largest brands. Oregon and Utah would be the only major players left standing, which could lead to a dissolving or reconsolidating of the league.

It would also mean some pretty high-profile competition for USC and UCLA. They’d now have to go through Ohio State and Michigan for a shot at the national title.

That competition could be an issue for new Trojans’ head coach Lincoln Riley, who was rumored to have left Oklahoma and passed on the LSU job due to his hesitancy to coach in the SEC.

Now, fans are joking that he might bail on his new gig because the road to a championship would get stiffer.

College football fans joke that Lincoln Riley will leave USC if they join Big Ten

Fans have been active on social media since the report broke, and many have singled in on Lincoln Riley’s future at USC. Would he want to stick around if the Trojans move to the Big Ten?

Take a look at the immediate reaction.

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