Fans Post Hilarious Reactions About The NFL Having To Follow Up The World Cup Final

An NFL logo on the field.

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Sports viewers were blessed with possibly the greatest World Cup Final in history Sunday morning as Argentina and France traded blows in an epic showdown.

The championship game saw two of soccer’s best players, Lionel Messi and and Kylian Mbappe, go back and forth in a game that would eventually go to penalty kicks.

The Argentinians jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead before the French team stormed back to score back-to-back goals in the last ten minutes of the second half. Both teams would then find the back of the net in the overtime session to send the match to PKs.

Argentina won the shootout 4-2 to secure its World Cup Championship while getting sports fans’ adrenaline pumping as they kicked off their Sunday mornings. Unfortunately, that might be the height of their day because the following NFL slate didn’t look too appealing.

Football games this weekend include Steelers-Panthers, Lions-Jets, Saints-Falcons, and Bears-Eagles. Not exactly an A+ lineup.

Fans quickly posted reactions to the tough task of having to follow up that exciting World Cup Final, tweeting out hilarious responses online.

One fan wrote, “Going from this to Saints/Falcons is like eating a microwaved hotdog after a perfectly cooked ribeye,” in reference to the follow-up. He’s got a point, and he wasn’t the only one sharing it.

Another person responded, “Mbappe-Messi and Goff-Zach Wilson on the same day. Do not take this for granted.”

This NFL personality hilariously wrote, “Now we get to watch Sam Darnold vs Mitch Trubisky. We are living the dream.”

While none of the 1 PM NFL games are likely to live up to that exciting soccer finish, maybe they will provide viewers with a little more entertainment as they close out a packed sports weekend.

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