Victor Wembanyama Goes Viral Holding A Baseball, Throws Awful 1st Pitch At Yankees Game

Victor Wembanyama high fives a teammate.

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Victor Wembanyama is expected to be the top pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, but it’s clear his skills on the court don’t translate to the baseball diamond.

The basketball superstar was seen throwing out the first pitch at a New York Yankees game, and the result was absolutely awful. He’s now going viral for his time in the Bronx as fans and media react to the showing.

Wembanyama is the heavy favorite to land in San Antonio on draft night as the Spurs won the rights to the first pick in the recent lottery. But while he’s likely headed to the Lone Star State soon, on Tuesday night, the big man was in the Big Apple.

His stop included an appearance at Yankee Stadium where he was tasked with throwing out the first pitch.

Prior to that pitch, he showed the world just how small his hands make a Major League baseball look.

Fans quickly commented on the photo with one person posting, “It literally looks like an egg in his hand.”

Another said, “Wemby has PAWS.”

This fan mentioned that upcoming first pitch by saying, “He’s going to throw the pitch while holding the ball with just his index finger and thumb.”

Unfortunately, those followers weren’t quite as impressed with his performance on the mound.

The pitch was one of the worst we’ve see this season, maybe worse than Travis Kelce’s wayward toss in Cleveland.

Fortunately, Victor Wembanyama’s future won’t be on the baseball diamond. Instead, he’ll suit up on the hardwood where he’ll look to reach the lofty expectations set by fans and media around the NBA.