Fans Are Already Shooting Down A Proposed Site For The New Washington Commanders Stadium

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  • The Washington Commanders are reportedly purchasing a 200-acre plot of land in Virginia
  • Many are speculating that this will be the build site for a new stadium, but fans aren’t having it
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The Washington Commanders could be on their way out of FedEx Field.

The team is reportedly purchasing a 200-acre plot of land in Virginia which is said to be a potential site for a new stadium. The new location would be in Woodbridge according to NBC Sports Washington reporter JP Finlay. The purchase price is $100 million.

Washington’s lease at FedEx Field is set to end in 2027, so the process of finding a new home is in the works.

And the stadium wouldn’t be the only thing being built if the Commanders have their way. The team is working with the officials on the possibility of creating a miniature city around the venue consisting of hotels, apartments, nightlife, restaurants, retail shops, and an amphitheater.

Should this go into effect, Washington would become the next NFL franchise with a mega-stadium, and a design is already in the works.

Per a report from ESPN:

According to a source, their plans include a 60,000-seat domed stadium — so it can be used throughout the year — as well as: the team’s practice facility; an amphitheater that seats between 15,000 and 20,000; a small indoor music arena; high-end retail shops; bars and restaurants and residential living. The roof would be translucent, and the stadium’s facade could change colors — it would be white during the day and, for example, burgundy at night.

While the idea of a new stadium is exciting, many are shooting down the location.

Fans hate the potential location of the Washington Commanders stadium site

Many close to the team hate the location. Most cite the ridiculous traffic that the area already sees on a daily basis.

This plot of land is reportedly just off of one of the busiest areas of I-95. Fans are pessimistic that the site will work out for those travelling to games.

Others note that the move further away from the city is a deterrent, and that if it happens it should lead to yet another name change.

Folks close to the DMV area aren’t happy about the idea of this change. But hey, you can always root for the Ravens!