Hue Jackson Being Interviewed For The Bengals’ Head Coaching Job Has The Internet Gobsmacked

Reactions To Hue Jackson Being Interviewed For Bengals' Coaching Job

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Hue Jackson has no shortage of football coaching experience. That cannot be debated.

Since 1987, dude has been a running backs coach, a quarterbacks coach, a wide receivers coach, a special teams coach, an offensive coordinator, a “special” assistant to the head coach, and a head coach.

Jackson has held these various positions for 12 different football teams including Arizona State, Pacific, Cal, Cal-State Fullerton, USC, the London Monarchs, the Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, and Cincinnati Bengals.

However, Jackson’s record as a head coach leaves a lot to be desired after posting a career mark of 11-44-1 (.205 winning pct.) over 3-plus seasons leading the Raiders and Browns.

Now, let me point out that the man who WAS JUST FIRED by the Bengals, Marvin Lewis, has endorsed just one guy to take over his role: none other than, dun-dun-dun, Hue Jackson.

“I think he’s more than qualified,” Lewis said at the news conference. “I think he’s been in a couple of difficult situations [in Oakland and Cleveland], and that’s tough, and it hasn’t broke his way. But I think he’s an excellent football coach, he’s a great motivator. So I think he deserves an opportunity, if not here, somewhere else.”

That, right there, should be red flag number 45 for the Bengals with regard to having any interest in hiring Jackson as their next head coach.

Then again, the team might not have many better options. When they asked once-again hot commodity Josh McDaniels to come interview for the job, the Pats OC said thanks, but no thanks.

With all of that in mind, the fact that the Bengals, the team who most recently employed Jackson, are planning on interviewing him for their open head coaching job, has NFL fans on the internet scratching their heads. Oh, and making jokes. Lots and lots of jokes.

Are the Bengals the new Browns? Poor Ohio.

And hey, if you’re a Vikings fan, don’t laugh too hard.

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