Reactions To NCAA President Mark Emmert’s Contract Extension Range From Anger To Disbelief

Reactions To NCAA President Mark Emmerts Contract Extension

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“You know what? NCAA President Mark Emmert has done such a good job of making sure our student athletes receive fair treatment and proper care we should extend his contract for another four-plus years,” said no one.

Well, no one except for the NCAA Board of Governors which just did exactly that. And not only did they give Emmert a shiny new contract extension, the NCAA Board of Governors voted UNANIMOUSLY to do it.

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Some headlines addressing the news…

“The NCAA’s shame and embarrassment in extending Mark Emmert’s contract” – Yahoo Sports

“Opinion: NCAA has essentially made Mark Emmert king for life, and he hasn’t earned it.” – USA Today

“With Mark Emmert’s contract extension, the NCAA admits its stagnation is by design,” – The Athletic

Obviously, and with good reason, people are not happy.

In a press release sent out by the NCAA Tuesday night at 9:04 p.m., news of Emmert’s contract extension was all but buried, listed under “Other business.”

“Additionally, the board voted unanimously to extend NCAA President Mark Emmert’s contract to Dec. 31, 2025,” it read. That’s it. 16 words.

The negative reactions weren’t only limited to the media or college sports fans, Yahoo Sports also spoke to several athletic directors, conference commisioners, and university presidents who were shocked and bewildered at the news.

“Stunning,” said one prominent athletic director. “And we wonder why there’s no credibility in college athletics.”

“Mark getting extended to 2025 might destroy this organization,” added another. “The board is delusional.”

“Brutal,” said a Division I conference commissioner. “There are simply no words.”

“Wow. I am befuddled,” said one university president.

Reactions on social media, where cooler heads always prevail, were even more savage.