Red Wings’ Drew Miller Took A Skate To The Face And The Damage Was NASTY

red wings drew miller skate face


Detroit Red Wings’ forward Drew Miller took a skate blade to the face from the Senators’ Mark Stone during a face-off Tuesday night. Watch as he immediately realizes what happened and rushes off the ice for medical attention.

As one would expect with a skate blade to the face it didn’t turn out well. Luckily, it at least didn’t turn out as bad as it could have as it was reported that Miller suffered no damage to his actual eyeball.

The doesn’t mean that the damage wasn’t significant however as evidenced by this tweet sent out after Miller was all stitched up.

And thank God he was wearing a visor. Full face protection for pro hockey players anyone? Nah… I’m sure he’ll be ready to play again tonight. Hockey.


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