In Epic Troll Move, Redskins Fan Hijacks Dallas Airport PA System To Sing ‘Hail To The Redskins’

by 5 years ago


If you’re gonna troll, troll hard.

That’s a great life motto, one apparently embraced by Damon Scott. Scott went down to catch the Redskins play Dallas on Monday Night Football and was rewarded with a win.

On his way back home, at the Dallas Love Field airport, Scott befriended a Southwest Airlines employee who was also a Washington supporter. From 1067 The Fan:

This employee had a Redskins lanyard delicately lain around her neck.

Approaching Damon, she said, “All these Redskins fans here; y’all are too quiet.”

“Well, we’re at the airport,” Damon replied. “I’m trying to be respectful.”

“C’mon over, follow me,” she said, leading him toward the ticket counter. “You want the mic?”

“Hell yea I want the mic,” Damon said, grabbing hold it. “I’m gonna get amped up.”

What happened next was some next-level trolling.


[HUGE H/T to the DC Sports Bog]

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