Redskins Fans Have Finally Had Enough, Are Setting Everything On Fire



It takes a certain amalgamation of unique factors to inspire an NFL fan to set fire to the gear of his favorite team.

Look at the names that come up in famous fan fire videos on the internet: the Cleveland Browns, the Oakland Raiders, the Buffalo Bills.

There must be incompetence on a massive level. There must be a fatalistic sense of a complete and utter inability to ever turn things around. You must be the laughing stock of the NFL, with a malevolent owner whose sole motivating factor is a ruthless and almost embarrassing passion for making a profit. You have to have literally zero potential to ever win a Super Bowl.

Hey, you know who that sounds like? The Washington Redskins. And after their approximately 225th horrific loss of the Dan Snyder era, some fans have realized this franchise exists explicitly in the terrible, foul-smelling echelon that is the dregs of the NFL.

Which is why Steve Taylor burned all his Redskins gear. Which I can’t support enough. I lost a Skins hat I had for 13 years this week, and I didn’t even shed a tear.


Here’s what Taylor had to say before putting flames to his apparel.

“I’ve been a Redskins fan my entire life. My dad played in the Redskins band. I’m genetically predisposed to like the Redskins. I am [bleeping] done. I’m done. I’m done. I’m walking to my closet. I’m going to burn [stuff]. That’s how done I am.”


[Huge H/T to the DC Sports Bog]

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