The Redskins Either Forgot How To Count Or Just Totally Dissed RG3 In Their Jersey Countdown

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Becoming popular over the past few years by the NFL’s Instagram account, more and more teams have incorporated the whole “jersey countdown” thing onto their own social media plans, getting fans hyped about the upcoming season.

It’s a cool little tactic that seems to work well—when done correctly.

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Counting down the days until a team’s kickoff is pretty simple, with a different player with the correct jersey number being featured (i.e. – No. 25 is shown when it’s 25 days till the team takes the field).

Well, the Washington Redskins have shown to do things a little differently over the past few days, as the announcement of Robert Griffin III losing his starting job has been a major storyline around the league.


The dysfunction and uncertain future for RG3 in D.C. continued today with the team’s jersey countdown, as they featured offensive lineman Trent Williams (No. 71) on the photo declaring kickoff is 10 days away. The player who should have been there? You guessed it, Robert Griffin III.

This may or may not mean that the Skins are ready to release or trade Griffin, but, regardless, it’s just another sign of the team disrespecting their former face of the franchise.

Hell, knowing how fucked up the Redskins have been lately, maybe they actually just hired a three-year-old to handle their IG and they really don’t know how to count backwards? Would you really put it passed them at this point?

Either way, RG3’s days in Washington looked to be numbered—just not on the team’s Instagram.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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