Refs In Browns-Ravens Game Screw The Steelers Out Of Playoff Spot With Early Whistle On Lamar Jackson Goalline Fumble


To get into the playoffs today the Pittsburgh Steelers needed to win their game and they needed the Ravens to lose to the Browns. Unfortunately for the Steelers the Ravens narrowly edged out the Browns 26-24 but the outcome of the game could have been much different if the refs hadn’t made a mistake early on during a Lamar Jackson fumble on the goalline that would have resulted in a sure TD for the Browns.

Watch as the refs call an early whistle on a play they thought was a Lamar Jackson touchdown but was later overturned and called a fumble after a replay review.

If they play wouldn’t have been called dead on the goalline the Browns would have scored.

Both Steelers and Browns fans were pissed at the refs call after the game.

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