Report: Panthers Players Hurled Homophobic Slurs At Odell Beckham Jr. During Game

As more information comes in about the Panthers-Odell Beckham situation the worse it seems it gets. Not only did the Panthers reportedly threaten Beckham with a bat but according to several reports they also hurled several homophobic slurs towards him.

Here’s Cris Carter talking about it on Mike and Mike.

There were things said to him about the bat. There were things said to him as far as what they were going to do to him. They were going to try to end his career. There were some things, some gay, homophobic things that were said to him … Now, that is not just report, that’s true. I can confirm all that being true ..

Deion Sanders reported something similar on the Rich Eisen show.

After the game, Norman posted this tweet with various feminine emojis to describe Beckham.

There has always been “gay” talk about Odell Beckham on social media because of his hair and the Panthers probably tapped into that to mess with his head. While all that is absolutely horrible and warrants a league investigation it doesn’t excuse what Beckham did on the field on Sunday.

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